Commercial Fireproofing

Commercial Building Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection can be defined as protective materials that prevent or delay the transfer of thermal energy to the structural steel. Spray-applied fire-resistive materials are commercially available in both cementitious formulations and as sprayed mineral fibre products. Both types of fireproofing protect the structural steel, providing valuable egress time for both occupants and firefighters in the event of a fire. We have all of the Fireproofing products necessary to effectively and economically fireproof any type of steel structure that requires passive fire protection.

Building fire protection
The Benefits

Commercial Fireproofing

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  • Added Thermal and Acoustical Properties - Offers an average insulation R-value of 3 per inch, as well as sound-absorbing qualities ideal for high-noise levels.
  • Quick and Easy Application - Spray-applied in one application that requires no pre-mixing, thus reducing installation time and labor costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly - High recycled content, mold and mildew resistant, non-corrosive on steel, non-combustible, and meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental DesignT (LEED) Green Building Council standards.

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