EIFS Stucco

Commercial Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. The product is also called synthetic stucco, and refers to a multi-layered exterior finish that's been used in European construction since shortly after World War II, when contractors found it to be a good repair choice for buildings damaged during the war. The majority of repairs to European buildings were to structures constructed of stone, concrete, brick, or other similar, durable materials.

Midwest Partitions has found that TOTAL wall design using Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) can maximize energy performance, address moisture issues, and exceed code requirements.

EIFS Stucco

EIFS Stucco

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  • 1a. & 1b. Waterproof Air Barrier
  • 2. Drainage Cavity
  • 3. Continuous Insulation
  • 4. Textured Finishes
EIFS Stucco diagram

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