Metal Stud Framing

Commercial CFS Framing

Strong, durable and lightweight, cold-formed steel has become the preferred framing material in a wide range of applications. There are many superior qualities that steel framing has to offer. CFS framing members are dimensionally stable unlike lumber, which naturally expands and contracts with seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. They won't warp, sag, twist or split. Choosing CFS framing can greatly reduce callbacks for drywall pops, floor squeaks and settling issues.

Because CFS framing is completely inorganic, it remains immune to termites and other wood-eating insects. It also cannot promote the growth of mold, which has become a major litigation threat for builders.

CFS framing is also totally non-combustible, so it improves fire safety in compliance with local building codes. One-third of all fires start inside a wall cavity, and quickly turn lumber studs into fuel. CFS studs, by comparison, will not contribute to the spread of fire, helping to minimize damage to the framing structure.

Thanks to their high strength-to-weight ratio, CFS floor joists are able to span greater distances between structural supports than lumber can. This gives architects the freedom to increase room dimensions, creating open spaces that are more attractive to customers.

Commercial CFS Framing
The Facts

Metal Stud Framing

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  • Immune to termites and other wood-eating insects
  • Non-combustible – improves fire safety
  • Span greater distances than lumber

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