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you're not a number, you're a part of our family

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Developing relationships

Midwest Partitions was formed in the 1975 with a vision and dedication to a strong work ethic by Herb and Lori Hall. The company was established in Colorado and now centrally located in Nebraska with a satellite office in Phoenix Arizona.

Midwest Partitions is a family based company with strong family and friend employer / employee relationships. When you work for Midwest Partitions you are not just a number, you are a part of our family culture.

Great employees & smart work load

Over the past 40 years in business, Midwest Partitions has seen many ups and downs in the construction industry. Midwest Partitions has remained strong and with held all the low economic times. This has been due to the fact to being able to adapt to changes, great employees, smart work load, and strong banking, which has created great working relationships with General Contractors and Suppliers.

Midwest Partitions has had key personal employed for over 30 years. Their service, and with the leadership of Herb and Lori Hall, have made what Midwest Partitions is now to date.

Midwest Partitions over 40 years
Midwest Partitions understands how respect and equality can create a great company. Midwest Partitions is blessed to have the team which includes all employees from 30 plus years of service to recent new hires.
MWP Leadership

Key Personal

Tim Allen

30+ years of exprience

Ben Allen

30+ years of experience

Jeff Dunn

30+ years of experience

Randal Ferguson

30+ years of experience

Brandon Stoner

20+ years of experience

Allan Hall

20+ years of experience

Kendra Johnston

10+ years of experience
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