What our customers say

“Layton Construction builds hospitals throughout the country, but we are new to the Rapid City and surrounding area markets. One of our greatest challenges in coming to a new market, especially for a project of this size, is finding the correct subcontractors for the project. This is especially true on a hospital project for critical MEP and framing and drywall trades. If possible, we try to find local or regional subcontractors that can perform the work to our standards as opposed to bringing in some of our national partners. During the selection process, we placed a lot of emphasis on input from references. We called and spoke directly to several Superintendents and Project Managers of other General Contractors who had worked with both Midwest Partitions and other local competitors. Without exception, they all told us the same thing, that Midwest Partitions would be their first pick over other subcontractors if they had a choice. This was based on quality, production and overall management. After in-person interviews with the various bidders for this project, we were already leaning towards Midwest Partitions, but these very favorable responses from those who had worked directly with Midwest on similar projects removed any doubt about our final selection, and I am happy to report that we have not been disappointed. I have routinely experienced quality, manpower/production, clean-up, and management issues with other framing and drywall companies on past projects, and this has been one of the critical trades that has required additional time, stress and management in order to successfully get us to the finish line. It has been so great on this project to not have to worry about any of those things with Midwest Partitions.”

"I was recently walking our project taking some progress photos and kept running into example after example of why we are so happy to have Midwest Partitions on our project. There was great progress being made with framing, drywall hanging and finishing on the two Heart and Vascular Institute floors, and yet these spaces were also kept clean. I came across one employee cleaning out the bottom tracks before insulation and 2nd side of drywall. He was not just vacuuming out the track, but was first meticulously scraping out the bottom of the track with a putty knife to loosen any materials stuck to the bottom of the track. It was a little thing, and is a requirement by contract, but to see something like this small detail being done so well meant that I could trust that Midwest Partitions was doing all of their work with the same care and craftsmanship. I happened to run into John Hammond on that same job walk and expressed to him how great it is to have a framing/drywall subcontractor on the project that just does their job, and is one subcontractor that we don’t have to worry about. John has been great to have on the project. His communication and positive working relationship with us and other subcontractors has made a tremendous difference."
Paul T. Adams
Sr. Project Manager
Layton Construction
“McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. had the opportunity to work on the ADOA 4000 Bed Prison Expansion in Yuma, AZ. I was the responsible Project Engineer designated to oversee the work performed by Midwest Partitions and all the other contractors that were involved from the Framing to Finish. Of all the contractors I worked with, Midwest Partitions was by far the most cooperative contractor and went out of their way to help the project run as smooth as they could. When I look back at the success of Midwest Partitions, I would point out that the most impressive contribution they made to the project was that they had zero (0) punch items when the Architect and Owner walked the entire 18 buildings. There is not one other finish contractor that held the same record on this project, nor any other projects that I or my coworkers worked on that has achieved such a goal. Additional contributions Midwest Partitions made to the success of the project include; their eagerness to abide by the schedule and complete their portion of work on time, they did not get involved in the “backcharge” game when all the other subs were trying to get more money, and Midwest went above and beyond their contractual responsibilities to get the job done right. I hope we and any other contractor has the opportunity to work with Midwest on their project in the Future. If you need any other additional information please feel free to contact me.”
Sean Williams
Project Engineer
McCarthy Building Companies Inc.
“On behalf of Kiewit Building Group, it is our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Midwest Partitions for t he exemplary performance on the Nebraska Crossing Outlets project. We cannot be successful in this industry without our subcontractors / teammates and Midwest Partitions really stepped up to the plate to help ensure this project met or exceeded all turnover dates for this fast track accelerated project schedule without compromising quality or safety. This project would not have been a success without the knowledge, experience, and hard work that your team brought to the table. Constant coordination was required due to an abundant number of design changes and Midwest time after time provided the necessary resources, professionalism, and integrity to make these changes flow smoothly without extending the project schedule. Thank you for your team's efforts to make this a highly successful project and please use this letter as an endorsement for the character and capability that Midwest Partitions provides. We look forward to working with Midwest Partitions again when the next opportunity arises.”
Andy D. Stine
Kiewit Building Group Inc.
“I am writing this recommendation letter to thank your company, Midwest Partitions Inc., for a job well done on the Hyatt Place Hotel downtown Austin TX project. Let me extend my sincere appreciation for the high level of service, quality, safety, and professionalism your company exhibited on this project. You should know that I find Midwest Partitions Inc. to be a firm with integrity, commitment and dedication, professionalism, passion for the work they perform, and very knowledgeable in their field. I have observed you and your employees to be driven toward total project success (not just their own), cooperative yet decisive, and eager to help others whenever possible. Through a very aggressive schedule, your company succeeded in maintaining all milestones set forth. This project was full of unknowns, extensive field modifications, and very difficult site logistics. Even with that being said Midwest Partitions had Zero Injuries throughout the entire project, Allan and his lead foreman Tim Allen, managed to complete this project with the quality that exceeded White Lodging & Marriott standards. Thanks again for your cooperation and diligent performance on this project. We look forward to working again with you in the future. For these reasons, I am pleased to offer the highest recommendation for Midwest Partitions and gladly submit that the firm would be a valuable asset on any project. I wish you well in all your future endeavors.”
Tim Wuestefeld
Construction Manager
Hunt Construction
“As a Project manager for Layton Construction and a member of the Layton Gustafson Joint venture, we have been working with Midwest partitions for 2.5 years on the Rapid City Regional Hospital project. Midwest partitions has been a vital part of making this project a success, they have manned up and have had adequate supervision to run their crews to complete theirs scope (Framing, insulation, Drywall and Finishing).  Much or our work is “out of town” work for us and our subcontractors. It is a breath of fresh air to have a subcontractor team member that perform at such a high level even bringing people in from out of state.  Midwest has also show their ability to change with the way we run our projects, sometimes this this a challenge for subcontractors, but Midwest has proven to fit into the mold well on this project.  Midwest has also been exemplary in their follow through with work list and punch list items most of which are completed prior to the date we require them done. Quality has been to the highest standards and has made punch list minimal when it comes to finish. Overall, working with Herb and his team has been a pleasant experience and we look forward to using Midwest on many projects to come in the future and hopefully use some more or their services like fireproofing, and EIFS/Stucco.”
Nathan Cotts
Project Manager
Layton Construction