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Commercial Fireproofing

Commercial Building Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection can be defined as protective materials that prevent or delay the transfer of thermal energy to the structural steel. Spray-applied fire-resistive materials are commercially available in both cementitious formulations and as sprayed mineral fibre products. Both types of fireproofing protect the structural steel, providing valuable egress time for both occupants and firefighters in the event of a fire. We have all of the Fireproofing products necessary to effectively and economically fireproof any type of steel structure that requires passive fire protection.


Midwest Partitions is the specialist in the niche field of fireproofing.

Recent Project

Great Platte River Road Archway Monument

  • Owner: The Archway
  • Location: Kearney, NE
  • Architect: NEEDED

About The Project


Spanning 310 feet over Interstate 80 near Kearney, Nebraska, The Archway presents 170 years of transportation history through detailed displays and harrowing stories you’ll hear as you walk over one of America’s busiest interstate highways.

Another example is the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, spanning I-80 in Nebraska with a 300-foot structure only slightly longer than its name. Peter Dominick of 4240 Architecture (then Urban Design Group) envisioned a covered wooden bridge to contain a roadside museum. The span required steel rather than wood, but once the architectural design team was introduced to the structural concept of a tied arch supporting two floors, they sought to bring the structure outside the skin and added the term “archway” to its name. This structure was built entirely on one side of the road and then rolled across the highway late one night, thus avoiding road closures during construction.

Project Photos