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Metal Stud Framing

Strong, durable and lightweight, cold-formed steel has become the preferred framing material in a wide range of applications.

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Commercial Drywall

Drywall is a construction product commonly used to finish building interiors, drywall provides a measure of fire protection to buildings.

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Fire Proofing

Passive fire protection can be defined as protective materials that prevent or delay the transfer of thermal energy to the structure.

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EIFS Stucco

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. The product is also called synthetic stucco, and refers to a multi-layered exterior durable finish.

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Acoustical Ceilings

This ceiling type is the most common found in commercial buildings and in most office areas providing sound control.

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STO Panels

Sto, the leader in wall cladding systems, offers the most advanced technology in prefabricated insulated wall panel solutions.

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Midwest Partitions Incorporated is the Nation's premiere specialty contractor delivering Expertise, Efficiency, and Execution in metal stud framing, drywall, fire proofing, EIFS, and acoustical ceiling construction services.

The Nation's Premier Commercial Contractor

Midwest Partitions Incorporated prides itself in delivering uncompromising quality while still meeting the demanding time constraints of today's fast paced commercial projects. MWP's years of Expertise has allowed them to adapt many work efficiencies into their concentration of commercial offerings that are showcased by numerous successful and diverse projects in the hospitality, sporting, health care, education, and community industries.

“The overall commercial construction landscape, technology, materials, and projects have evolved immensely since I started Midwest Partitions operations in the late 1970's... However, our core principals of Expertise, Efficiency, and Execution have remained constant, thus making us your premier solution for specialty commercial contracting services. I invite you to contact us regarding your commercial project needs so we can show you how we can deliver you the three E's of Midwest Partitions.”

Herb Hall President, Midwest Partitions Incorporated



Midwest Partitions implements a course of actions to help achieve a healthy, injury-free work environment is a leadership responsibility.

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Nebraska Commercial Construction

Our Company

Centrally located in Nebraska, Midwest Partitions was formed in the 1975 with a vision and dedication to a strong work ethic by Herb and Lori Hall.

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Customer / Client Reviews

“I am writing this recommendation letter to thank your company, Midwest Partitions Inc., for a job well done on the Hyatt Place Hotel downtown Austin TX project. Let me extend my sincere appreciation for the high level of service, quality, safety, and professionalism your company exhibited on this project. You should know that I find Midwest Partitions Inc. to be a firm with integrity, commitment and dedication, professionalism, passion for the work they perform, and very knowledgeable in their field. I have observed you and your employees to be driven toward total project success (not just their own), cooperative yet decisive, and eager to help others whenever possible. Through a very aggressive schedule, your company succeeded in maintaining all milestones set forth. This project was full of unknowns, extensive ”
Tim Wuestefeld - Construction Manager | Hunt Construction